Cosmic madness – K.B

Cosmic madness



Did anyone make me
Better apart from this
Cosmic madness?

Angels when i sleep,
Demons to torture me.

The sun to show me the
Way, the trees talking
And the wind howling.

Did anyone ever care about
My desire? What I want for
Myself ? I’m not a martyr,
I got broken like a toy
Seven years ago.

They put me
In a mad jail,
How will I clean
My eyes from the
Horrors I’ve seen ?

They look at me with
Because my hands are

They think I’m some
Alcoholic with my hollowed eyes,
I’m only a workaholic
To forget about jail madness,
Cosmic madness, mother’s madness,
This madness running through the world.

I swear, there is no God but Allah
He showed me enough.

I got almost killed by his power.

My body won’t respond this
Morning as I’m constantly
Battling with darkness,

Seldomly a kiss or
A breath of love,
And yet, I know
Where to find it…

I’d like to forget
About this mess
Surrounding me,

This unsacred
And constant
With no reward,

And it is not
Schizophreny !

Goddam you hell

With my sword of light
I’ll cut through you
Like they slice and
Slaughter unlawfully
Those poor animal
In cages,

They should be in a barn
Enjoying the fresh air,

But one has to feed
This Immense and smoky
Factory that Earth
Has become.






All rights reserved.2019.


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