When the Glory calls – K.B

When the glory calls



One day,
We’ll stand united
For a better Earth.

When the Glory calls,
Each man and woman
Will be wearing a crown.

Churches and mosques
And synagogues will
Be singing « Joy, Joy !  »

The white clouds
Will proclaim
The coming
Of the kingdom
Of heaven.

Surprised that
A fiend like me
Talks of Glory ?

Hope lives inside,
You know how one
Has to be sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s rushing
Sometimes it’s weak
But it’s always there.

Glory !
Glory !

After seven years
Of struggles,
I’m finally getting
Published !

Therefore , I cry,
Glory, glory !

When the church
Bells will be ringing

Everybody will be welcomed
In God’s house, coz,
Who are we to judge?
Who are we to read
Other people’s hearts?
We’ll never know,
We’ll never know,
But the Glory calls,
We’ll be dressed in white
And we ‘ll be singing
Nature and love,
Everybody will
Be smiling for good.

And laughing,
With life’s burden
The heavy heart has wings
Too, unchained, a wave of
Peace will hit the earth,
Forests won’t burn,
New kids will take up
The light of knowledge
So happiness can be

I may be a dreamer,
But I’m sure that one
Day, Glory will call on us.

Back to myself now.



All rights reserved.2019.



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