Flowers for Priya – K.B

Flowers for Prya
Prya lived next door,
She was indian.

We sat and talked
A lot,
Watching trees

Our hearts
Were peacefully
To the sound
Of leaves
And flying

Priya left the

She taught me
About kindness
And zen attitude.

She never got
Carried away by her emotions
And never tortured herself.

She showed me the way
To learn how to take care
Of myself and forget about
What people had to say,

To just dive into an ocean
Of Love at night,

Follow the stream,

Be keen on helping

And looking at the world
From behind my conscience,

To take the hits and never hold

She taught me how to free
My heart and be myself
Without violence,

To look for gold
And showers of rain
On my dry face.

Prya is God,
She’s in him
As I am in him
And he is in

Don’t look at me,
Shrinking shrink,
Those fanatic
Are undignified
To talk about

Nor a junkie
Nor a thief,
Although I call
Myself firethief.






All rights reserved.2019.


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