Himaya ( Protection) – K.B

Himaya ( means protection in arabic)

Poetry is protection
For a strong heart.
Himaya, hijama,
Runes, gaaldr,
Chants and recitations,
Druidic potions,
Even Kabbale is
Worth something
From the little I know.
The vision went through
Me like a passing train,
All my luggage was in it,
I can’t go get it lest without
More importantly,
The train carried my heart
I fell in love
With the blinding lights
And smoke water.
For some,
The train carries
New hopes,
For other,
The sourness
Of leaving some
People behind
Still handicaps
The heart
That has troubles
Letting go,
But if you take
A look at the planets
It is a determined one,
Be like a planet and search
For the sun then,
It will be your greatest
Himaya ( protection).




All rights reserved.2019.


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