Freudian scum – K.B

Freudian scum



He never understood
That there’s a nobler
Love inside.

He thinks everything
Works with chemicals,
He even gave cocaine
To his patients.

He gave a beautiful mirror
To some influential people,
He went to parties with cigars
And dreamt of fucking his
Mother in secret
And killing his Dad.

Analyse this, Sigmund.

You never knew about
The soul, higher purpose
And higher feelings.

You collaborated
To make a new world
Order based on narcissism,

You traded people’s sufferering
For money and you led them
Astray from God.

In the end,
You’re scum,
A fat old guy
Inventing lies
To cumfort
But never ever
Did you give people
The truth about
The meaning of existence,

They would’ve fled from your

I hope you’re satisfied with your
Pervert experiments and your
Legacy of avoiding true science
And social change for the best.



All rights reserved.2019.


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