The good man fell for her – K.B

Ascetic skepticism killed him in the end…not physically though.



The good man fell for her



The good man fell for her,
She had those entrancing
Hips wrapped up in perfume.

She used to dance for him
Half naked, she was his thing,
The thing he loved most.

As all high hopes,
He fell hard
When the cops came

They asked :
« You know this woman? »
They could tell from his eyes
They left him in a daze
Not believing his eyes.

The world came rushing
At once.
He passed on the movie
Of their love in his
Remembering fast
Before the shadow
Engulfed him with

Things will never be the same
The lost season was too good
On the heart,
It left a strong impression.

As time went by,
He met other girls,
But her eyes
Were looking at

In his lonely nights,
He joined her on his

Memory gave him
All of her.

Her way of walking,
Her quiet passion,
And outbursts
Of true and powerful
And kind love,

She must be at the
Far end of the world

Fighting some unknown
Ennemy on her own

Under a fake identity.

The voice of reason
Was stronger,
But how sad
And hungry for her
It left him.

When all he needed
Was her hand,
Star crossed
In the middle
With healing




All rights reserved.2019.


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