Rise, son of anarchy – K.B

Rise, Son of anarchy.


In troubled times,
There was a boy
Keen on doing

He soon became
An outlaw,
Helping immigrants
And giving shelter
Can be charged
Against him,

Feeding the
After work
With the remaining
Food could get him

Healing junkies on
The streets could
Get him arrested
For possession,

Carrying a beautiful
Knife at night to defend
Himself in case of agression
Was forbidden,

Songs of protest had to
Remain in his earphones
Coz they would incite to riots,

His truthful lyrics could get
Him into court because
Of incitation to violence,

Visiting foreign countries
Grew difficult with time
Because they weren’t all
Democracies and
He held an
Activist blog
For human and just

Helping a man on the street
Sheltering him could alert
The neighboors who would
Complain to the police
And get him interned,

Smoking pot
Could send the cops
Back home where they
Would find his stach,

The mother of his son
Could get him arrested
If he doesn’t respect the
Legal agreement,

And sometimes,
They just like to hang
Out a little more together

But personal vengeance
Is stronger, revenge too.

Not showing up
To the doctor
Could cancel
His monthly allowance.

In the end,
After all this,
He decided
To rise
As the son
Of Anarchy,
Subtle politics
To get what he
Needs while
Keeping his faith

Speaking of God
In public areas
Was the ultimate




All rights reserved.2019.


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