Healthy narcissus – K.B

Healthy narcissus


O ye, pale figure in the lake.
O ye, obsessed with your reflection,
You look beautiful but I can see
The illusion of your vanity.
You don’t hurt meaningfully
But you turn your face away
From « uncessary drama »,
You think the good life
Is enough to earn you
Paradise but what is your

Besides your little flowers?

You are the most vicious,
You invented psychology
And psychiatry to reassure
And build yourself a good

But you are not acting
On the absolute areas
Of truth.

Therefore , you are useless,
Consuming, producing
And enjoying.

Your greatest vice
Is indifference,
The lack of heart
In doing what is just
And right at the right

Keep bathing in
The lake until
Your Lord
Opens hell
Under your feet
And you lose foot…
I don’t wish you that,
But awake, awake
To the Beauty
Where nothing
Is relative to your
Life but exists outside
Of yourself…
Not a matter of perception
Anymore , huh?
Rather, someone
Guiding you.
Say his name
And free your



All rights reserved.2019.


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