The impulse for moral ethics – K.B

The impulse for moral ethics

Gate of knowledge,
Source of enjoyment
And solemn
Call to the soul.

We had to force
Down the barriers
On parts of our ignorance
Because we needed a supreme

The only supreme
We get after a few years,
Decapidated from society,
Is a supreme at the local
Fast food every once in a while.

Supreme and serene good
To which our heart beat,
There’s nothing more
Beautiful than you
Standing at that window
With your red hair.

We’ve been creams
With you,
Go back to your current

Gate of knowledge,
They taughts us to
Cheat with life
But we’re so deceived
And painfully resignated
That we cried,
No, no baby,
No, mom,
No, Dad,

I cannot distract
Myself from being
In love with life.
We have pride,
We have heart,
Don’t trample
On the blue flower !

They sent boots
To march on our
They, the armies
Of imperialism
In every aspect.

Give back the stolen
Houses and territories !

Give back hope to youth,
In no case are we means
For profit or your interests!

O Ethic,
O Spirit of life,
O disturbed nights
To keep an eye
On the unfurling
World !

Be a park.

Be a song.

Hush until
Day light,

And I’ll rip
The liver of

Keep saving
Our families.

Keep feeding
My inspiration
Till one day I be
Free of joining
You on the field,

Shake it down
To a tear or an
Act of kindness.



All rights reserved.2019.


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