To evacuate the question – K.B

To evacuate the question

The medication they give paralyses neurons.
The science they invented evacuates existentialism and spirituality.
The new religion is healthy narcisism.
There no mystic professors.
All is mystic, most people get scared
When they are receptive.
They find refuge in mental health.
But all the pathologies are wrong.
They are caused by djinns,
Dark visions too.
Islam is a remedy.
They are emprisoning
Ouighours in China
In detention camp
While Shoah has become
An idol.
I tell you,
Psychiatry is a scam
To evacuate the question.
The real question of God.
Every spiritual teaching
Is opposed to their science
And has a different explanation.
The world is mystic.
But there are no teachers.
My poetry is an attempt,
A muslim prayer is light
And medication.
Big pharma doesn’t spirituality.
Governments don’t as well.
Spirituality teaches how to be human.
We don’t need humans anymore.


All rights reserved.2019.


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