Social café- K.B

Sad poem..


Social cafè



The banter goes easy,
Dices are rolling,
Que me dice,
Broken spanish
Mixed with

Coz everythin
Turns sour
With time,
Leave the cream,
Sometimes a crime
To be alive,
To bear the sadness
And the hurt while

Coz everything
Turns sour with time,
The past love,
The coming
The disaster,
Future ain’t bright,
I wanna cry myself out
Coz this sadness
Makes me lonely…

They promised
Bright mountains,
Unsought lakes,
Deep waters
And balm,

But when the
Sun first hit
My eyes,

I screamed ,

Like any newborn….

I walked among skulls
And never exorcised my
Heart from those sights…

Junkies and thieves…

Wrought out innocence,
I tried my best
To join hands with
A universal love,

But unspoken words
Are guarded behind
Fences coz the deal
Is to reach out for
Bad and evil,

The plan was to shine,
But forsaken
In these lonely nights
Where not a vibe
Of love crosses the sky
And no respite offered,

The mind keeps running
The same schemes to
Find happiness,

A trace of beauty
That is real….






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