Urban suite – K.B

Urban suite



Yo come on,
Clap your hands;
Dance to the soul
The urban beat and heat,
Shake off those jewels
Pure sound I tell you !

Half naked let’s get moving
Start shaking , waving ,
We put on our best clothing
Just dance, come on ,
Put your hands up !
All that spirit is ours
To give and provide
Shake it, don’t fake it,
Get low until your butt
Makes the ground
Arouse ;
It smells of perfume
And healthy bodies
Tanned all summer
By the sun;
The music is grooving,
This rooftop is making
Me crazy
Where’s that boombox,
Reggae man?

I know its not your style
But still you’re hanging
Smell the downtown
A mix of latino-Wasp
Juice that you inhale,
That you integrate
As part of your system.

Urban legends ain’t no hell
If you got the gin and jeans,
Tell your friends to come,
And if Chanel no.5 is trying
To steal the vibe,
We’ll take her out,
I’ll order take out,
And sink in the night’s
A pack of Marlboro light
Safely hidden
In Eden,
My left pocket
Full of shit,
Come on now,
Start waving,
I can see you’re breathin
Fire in your swim suit
Called bikini,
Pequeno bikini that
Shows a lot near the
Where you dive at 5.am,
Your glistening friends
Laughing and shaking,
Coz that’s the word !




All rights reserved.2019.


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