Note : Early professors – K.B

Note : Early professors.



That’s me in the picture ! 😊
I wanna thank my early professors : Najib, Ethel, Nicolas, Antoine, Florin, Esther, Charlotte, Jacques, Marc Steve, Naz, Jean-Marie, Andrea,…Paul, Mucyo,….Elena, Vlora,Wissem, Adly,Reda,..Melchior, Renaud,…Poppy, Ahmed, François, Jean-Hugues….

….And many others that I have forgotten,
All around the world…

We’ve had inspiring talks and friendship and we mutually developped our science of life in conversations and trips mostly…

As life goes by, we lost or kept contact more or less…

I’m waiting for the ephemeral or life long newcomers…

All the people that I mentioned will surely read this…They have all brought my humanism to a point of perfection, in their presence only.

I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart…To new adventures…and new comers !

PS : all the poetry would’ve been impossible without them, as I didn’t have the faintest idea of what writing is…

Ps : I wanna thank myself too for constantly investigating the idea of Beauty 😉





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