The so called « Great » ( I’m outta here) – K.B

Bloody religious inception working

Against me...


The so called « Great » 

How the « Great »left our world,
With no words, nor goodbyes.

People dying in the mediterranean,
Famine in Africa,
Hiv too.
Broken roads,

And cowardice,

Far from the violence
Of religion,
I grow like a blue
With a sweet perfume.

Far from the agony
Of my family,
Who doesn’t
Know how to make
Anyone happy,
I find refuge
In friends.

Far from suicidal
I bathe in my own
Crafted dreams
Of Love.

Far from
The puritanical
Moralism of God,
I drink beers.

Far from my mom’s
I rejoyce
In the setting sun.

Far from the daily
Chores of a household,
Far from sacrifice ,
I choose to live
And have fun.

My dick needs
Some polishing,
Here I go !
Between the hands
Of a lovely russian

There has been some
Cold wars,
Some shooting
On the front line.

I’m freeing myself
From everything
Once and for all,

From the heavy
And nonsensical
Burdens of evil

Shut by the system,
Killed by family,
Mutilated by theophany,

I will be free again !





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