What they don’t seem to understand … – K.B

What they don’t seem to understand…


What they don’t seem to
There’s a higher purpose
To life than eating,
Sleeping, consuming,
Studying…than myself

On this ship called life,
We sail towards a destination :

What will happen after ?
The way I Iead my life
Is a preparation
For what’s after,
Because we get
A glimpse of it.

Who hasn’t tasted
Eternity in the arms
Of a lover,

Or hell in total
Disaster ?

There’s a sign
Lying just over there.

It took me a long time
To remember.

Call me a disconnect
If you want.

But I fear Allah
And hell.

This system taught
Me to be selfish
And disregarding
To numerous
Vital things,

We ain’t no kings,
And I won’t give in
To it.

Disregarding the soul
And its needs,
My relatives
And friends,
Caught up
In a hundred
Including work.

Heart is the emperor
If he listens to the lord
And does what seems
Truly just to him.

Do you fear poverty?
God provides.

Come here, kid.

You got slain by history?
The way they tell you how
Things happened
For less fortunate
Is it tragic?
Does it scare you?
Did they ever tell
You how it is lived
From the inside
Through faith?

They are secularised.

No, they use psychology.

No, they side with the winners.

Who won what exactly?
Battles? Territory?
Money, gold?

Listen kiddo,
The only thing
You have to win
Is an honest living
And your passage
To what lies beyond…
Be kind,
Treat people the way
You wanna be treated…



All rights reserved.2019.


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