Fantasy Story : protest of love – K.B

Story : Protest of Love



The bus full
Of demonstrators,
Mostly women.

The charismatic
Leader wasn’t commannding

He was slipping through
The various nets of life
To push his ideas.

Like any man,
He went to the airport
But his flight was cancelled.

He flew into the air
To trigger the fire alarm.

Lights shut down,
Water was pouring.

His flight was cancelled
Due to a terrorist threat.

He knew the beast
Was still inside.

He flew again in the air
To spot it.

It was in the dark
Left corner of the
Main hall.

It was screaming,
The biggest gorilla
He had ever seen.

It saw him in the air
And focused its gaze.

His whole life went
Before his eyes.

Earlier on,
He drove his
Mother who was hiding
The highway sitting on his

He left her under the rain
And promised to heal her dog.

Then he gathered with fellow
Thinkers exposing his newest

One of the ladies
Hid a snake

In her coat,
He took off after finishing
His animated speech.

He found himself in lofty
Cushions in a room
Full of other leaders.

He took off too
After a while.

Then, he joined
The love protestors
Who were planning
On making love publicly
In a forest.

A friend was on the bus.

They escaped the organizers
By running to the airport
Where they found out
About the terrorist threat.

Dogs were kept
Outside to search
For the menace.

But he knew the beast
Was there.

And they fought.

He already paid
For broken bones,
But this time,

He was floating
In the air
And all the powers
Of earth sparkled
In his body.

He was ready.
All rights reserved. 2019.


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