Slam : Ego flattering – K.B

Like anything , love turns sour with time and the body cracks…


Ego flattering



I spread my words
Like a disease,
I don’t flatter egos.

Rhyme4 MC
To make you
Or cry.

I am the philosopher
Of the criminal mind,
Singing du-wops
In the park,
If you’re rich,
You’ll never understand.
We left everything for love
We left bourgeoisie
We’re a crew of crazy

Acids are fluctuating
Like a broker’s graph,
We got flagged at birth,
Our ocean is
A deep red one
Full of lustrous
And integrity.

We ain’t got
No sterling reputation,
We got repudiated
By common sense
And everytime
You party,
We’re hanging around
Your house.

So called bad boys,
We got a secret tenderness
For our people
And if you go out with no cover
You might get hurt.

A slice in the heart,
A sleezy politician
At hand,
A worried mother
That you got to cure
To pursue some ambitions,
Gentlemanly ones of course !
( irony)





All rights reserved. 2019.


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