Rising star – K.B

Rising star



In a desert,
The stars rose.
Some looked
Like blue violets,
Many twinkled
Orange and yellow,
Some white.

The stars
Rose at night,
The tired eyes
Found consolation,
The heart rejuvenated,
The anguished face
Relaxed at their

The stars rose
At night,
It was a
From the locked
Day with all its soldiers
Of common sense
And dereliction of
The soul.

But what their sight
It was all about
And forgiveness,
Nor scourn
Nor a scourge
Could stand in their

The stars rose
And far from
They brought
A restored faith
After that
The heart
Was tight all day.

As the earth
Is travelling
Through space,
So do the wonders
Of everchanging

I felt the sting of things,
The corruption of my
Heart above all.

A saintly vision
Came to me while
Asleep and healed
My tortured mind
And the crazy
People around,
Who died away,

Because the Lord
Grabbed my hand
And took me away.

How long was the waiting,
My heart purs with gratitude
And pours poetry,

Not for any good I’ve done
Bu for the kind presence
That always seems to be
Keen on putting me back
On my feet and resetting
My system to welcome
More joy, more insights,
More inspiration.

He has heightened my
Prestige once more,
From what is left of me.




All rights reserved.2019.


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