The neverending hell of this world – K. B

The Neverending hell of this world

Yes, hell is at their feet
It’s around them.

Vibes of fear,
Vibes of doubt
And skepticism,
Vibes of negativity

The neverending
Hell always needs a deal
To survive.

We, the rebellious
To our envies,
We are too much,
We gotta be cast away

I’ve been studying
The modern man :
He needs stress
And anguish to function,
Fear to obey.

But never, o never,
Is love enough
To make a decision.

He is afraid of losing
His job
Afraid of being alone

I guess some
Higher minds
Want to condition
Us that way.

But never o never,
Is love enough to make
A decision, too bright
Too good to be spoilt
In a structured dream.

Well, I escaped.

And I’m still not free
From my human emotions
Coz I need to go back
Into the matrix from time
To time.

And each time,
The global atmosphere
Gets me…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.