Love and freedom : a dry heart brings no joy – K.B

Love and freedom : A dry heart brings no joy.



I was told I had relatives
But it’s relative.

Dry hearts brings no

Dyind hard is what pushes
to action.

Love and freedom,
Hear the guitara
Cantar !,

The little fingers
Going fast
Weaving the sound
Out in the blue

Desire, flame,
Passion !

Love, freedom,
Far from fatalism,
Those religious demons.

Serve me a drink
On a terrace
Watching playful
Go by,

Legs like a model,
Sweet and firm
And a rythm in the
Hips ;

The day go
By until

We’ve had
The best wine
And we didn’t
Whine nor linger

On tears of the past !

Cameliero ! Fill my
Glass, this the hour
Of triumph !

My wife’s away
And I can drink
Till all is pacified

Ready to welcome
The night
And it’s veils,
Its Secrets and silence…





All rights reserved. 2019.


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