My Time is mine – Jacqueline Shields.

My Time Is Mine

My time is mine and tis all I have to give
It softly chimes along, gentle master to forgive.
No gold or riches, or encens aboard
No diamonds nor food, nothing money can afford.
Only my time and my time is mine,
Only my time, lost moments, and that is fine.

This discreet life of books and candles,
Unravels slowly and quietly in the shadows.
Witnessed only by the ticking clock,
Secret to all others, behind doors I lock.
I have nothing else to give, nothing else to offer,
This pauper’s bag carries only my time and my honour.

If you wanted to, maybe you could come with me
Take hold of my hand and borrow the key.
On the winding path of age, we could set forth,
Through fields and hills ablaze, you and me heading north.
You don’t have to. I cannot promise what we shall see,
Other than that we can share time and wander free.
You would not encroach, I swear, I promise.
My voice is shaking but my intentions are honest.
My time is yours and my time is mine,
To not take that risk for you, would be a terrible crime.

Plain as gospel, strong as truth.
The tide is right and the waters are smooth.
I wish I could but I cannot stay much longer,
Will you come with me or cannot fathom such a wonder ?

My time is mine and I now have to go.
I might be a while, I might let you know.

Jacqueline Shields.

All rights reserved to the author. 2019.

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