Sensitive boy – K.B

Sensitive boy



Goodbye through a fence.
Cold winter day.
The shadow of a friend

At that time,
We’re keen on loving
But not on bonding,

Therefore I watch him

Bad musicians drink
And play flute in
The fields,

Cows are smarter.

Teachings about desire
Are important.

My life is pale
And intellectual,

« He got his teeth
All black
From biting
Into ash. »

I hope that these
Notes won’t disappear
Into the void,

The sideral void
Where no one

Where feelings
Don’t flow,

Where everything
Is bottled

Except for the genie
Who keeps me dancing;

A woman with powerful
Healing power
That I light up
And make come
Out when I need her,

An old friend for sure !

But somehow,
Ribbons of color
Keep pouring
Out of my heart.

« You’re such a dork »,
She keep on saying
With a little envy…






All rights reserved. 2019.


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