Rum from the isles – K.B

Rum from the isles



Your beautiful
Skin is ripplin’,

My dear brown
And sugary rum
From the isles.

Mix you with coke,
What a crime !

Addin’ some
Lime to the least
And some sugar too.

I drank you at the corner
Of the bar,
Fully in retreat,

Watchin’ the musicians
Fumble and mumble
Musical phrases.

Then, you came
And sat beside us
All trembling.

We had our little
He came,
The ol’ man
I mean,

And his rumblin
Mumblin’ in his
Beard ;

But my glass didn’t leave
Me, nor the table.

We wandered from sides
To sides to outside,

And the sun shone
On my face with your

And the wind turned
The pals of destiny
In my bubble

But still you are,
My bottle of
Brown rum.

In the depth
Of your eyes
I could see
Fate whirling,
Dancing ladies,
And fun kids
Far, far ;
In the meadows
Of a silent forest….



All rights reserved. 2019.


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