Ciao, cheap woman !

Not a cowboy…a heaven’s lover, a pilgrim on earth who passes his way …




Ciao, cheap woman !


They say they are queens,
Expensive ones, I tell you.

Once you’re sucked inside
There goes your property,
Your health follows,
Nerves break,
Lawyers send papers
Children are fought over,
She wants the table
In the living room
And the light in
The room.

She wants the spoons,
The forks, but not the knives.

Shattered, he goes to a bar
Where no one will talk to him,
He will cry alone in his room.
He built,
But for a colleague at his/her work
He/she lost everything.

No marriage for me yet.

I may change my mind,
But to spend a lifetime
With a cop at home
Is not a fancy of mine.

Plus, in my culture,
They spend their time
In the kitchen or cleaning
If illiterate.

If educated,
Their favorite
Sport is arguing
In a sophisticated

No, thanks.

It doesn’t mean
I won’t fall for someone
One day, the word is right.

Out of the police station
To have a drink,
Thousand calls
When with friends,

Ah gosh,
All I need
Is fulfilled

The meek dates
That leaves you
Hungry when survival
Asks for every ressource.

I’d rather connect
My mind to the heavens.

And fuck sometimes.

Good luck, cowgirl !







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