For the Love of Eve – Jacqueline Shields.

For the Love of Eve

Eve, Eve the first woman
Eve the prodigal human
Eve, she knew Adam.

“I am yours and your are mine”

Or so they thought, at the time.

Eve, part of the legends
To what fate you were destined?

She wanted to feel it all. Have you seen her ?

Running in the fields, a wind whisper.

Eve, who made a mistake.
Some say it’s the fault of the snake.

Or did she ? Was just she not more daring ?

What is more noble than the act of sharing ?

Rebellious spirit, a mind to herself ?

The writings says, it was done with stealth.

Eve, what have thou done ?

Fierce, you doubted even the sun.

Eve, a being out of the ordinary

To catch a glimpse of her you would be lucky.
She swims with the sky and dances with the light
To take a risk, to win a fight!

She bit the apple, sunk her teeth with might
The sweet sap was flowing, the fruit was ripe !

A smile to Satan, that fine old chap,

He thought it was he, who was laying the trap.

But you knew better, creature to behold,
A tree, a garden, tis a world to get bored !

The blame you took, with a spark in your gaze,
Life is a game, and the world is a maze!

Generations to come, men claim to carry your curse

But we, your daughters share your secret at the source.

Mother to us all, you passed on the promise
That biting apples is our right, freedom and solace.

Jacqueline Shields.

All rights reserved to the author. 2019.


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