Injection, rejection, infection – K.B

Injection, rejection, infection ( mind disease)


Injection, rejection,
They told me I was
But take a look at yourself !

Little lab rats
For productivity
And unsignificant
Death and life !

They look at me with
Fear and embarassment
Coz her gaze is all that
Used to matter
They told me I was crazy
Now my room is lit up
By a divinity
And my stomach aches
And the fever takes hold
Of my body and mind.

They look at me with fear
And uneasiness
And even the nice ones
Are empty heavy drinkers
I’ve put my trust in things
Moving me at night
But when the day
Dawns it all disappears
And the fisting continues,
Deceived Love
And crazy assholes…

I’m back in the ropes
They show no respect
To my integrity
Hopes and dreams
Needs of my soul
In a material word

A clown for some
An eminent intellectual
For others
An unwanted mystic
A deceiving son
And adorator

The heavy machinery
Of the world is marching
Like an army infected
With hate and blazing
Eyes ready to bite
Despite all my positive
And I get nothing in the end
Nor the pleasures of the body
Nor the company of a kind star…





All rights reserved. 2019.


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