Lost – K.B

Tracks on the sand and stars, guide me.





I gotta shave.
I did.
I gotta walk
The streets
A suit.

But I don’t.
They mistake
Me for a hobo
With sophisticated

I’m kidding of course.

I stride.
I conquer

I don’t need
Vast territories.

Just a kind
Who sings
For me with
A guitar.

We’re indies,
Whatever that means
And whatever label
We got on the forehead.

A light heart feels good
But it’s not about that.

We’re lost
And tracks
In the desert
Move with the wind.

The roaring egos
Are sitting
In the immensity.

A breeze
Paid a visit
At three a.m.

Talks are going
On well with the sky.

Maybe He’ll pour
Some billions
In my mind.

As of now,
I hear the whisper
Of a river

And it’s all I need.

The empire can wait.

I have no country
Other than
A state of mind,

And a few coins
To go drink
When the sun sets.


Its always a minus
In the desert,
Rarity is law
And the quest
For dignity and
Beauty endless.



All rights reserved. 2019.


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