Pride : Love is love

Pride : Love is love


To burn ,
To burn with
A dream,
With love,
With vengence.

To not care about
Oneself and take the hits,

Working the mind through
And come back with better ideas.

To fulfill a wish,
To set things rights
Back like they were,

Deceived lovers
Famished children
Dancing in the rain
With a full shelf again.

To burn with a dream,
With a candle at the
Window for the hopeless
And the homeless.

To Lend my mother
To the motherless
And the fatherless,

To offer a lunch
A smile,

A bright thunder
Of anger to scare
Beasts off.

Lover ,

I won’t be
But the higher
Is embedded
In my heart
And no more

But acting.

Every minute
Had a shade
Of the end,

Every moaning
Was distress,

Here I go again….





All rights reserved. 2019.

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