Power, allegorical emasculation and abuse – K.B

Such display in close relationships is hard to bear for less lucky superior minds… In all elegance and aspects. 


Power, allegorical emasculation and abuse.



When he looks at you
He makes you feel
His power.

You become a eunuch
Guarding the harem
Of Sir something,
Mr something.

You see his wives
Go by
Then you stay
Outside his palaces
By any weather ;
Sometimes he offers

You see him pass
By in expensive

He has ten thousand

And you keep on
As a guard I mean.

If the guard falls sick,
He cannot ask for help
Or seldomly.

If he is poor,
He remains

While Sir something
Or Mr something
Keeps on passing by
At full speed
Fully blown
By anything life offers :
Health, money, kids, cars,

Will he notice the gorgeous
Sad little
Bird on the side road
Whose thrill enchants
The days ?




All rights reserved. 2019.

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