Sometimes – K.B




Sometimes its hard
To remain humble
In front of the flashing
The world of money
And wealth.

But people like
Me search only
For mystical union,
Physical or spiritual.

They lost their
Mother replaced
By God and a thousand

They got cut from their

And as soon
As the heart
Gets trampled
Upon to become
A machine with
No soul
The light inside
Needs to get out
And illuminate
The days.

In daylight
Under the
Lit up sky
With madness
And wisdom,
Belly’s full
With impressions
And physical colors,
The price is never
A coin but the energy
You put into something.

A supreme good
Requires patience.

They look at me with
As if far from the truth
But mine is spiritual
Totally and physical

I was hollow eyed
And used to  » work »
My ass off.

Now I’m hollow eyed
But I’m finally sailing
Towards a final destination
Full of light.

I was a nation
And still am,
The one that
Was born
With Islam,


And God knows more,
And better.

All rights reserved. 2019.



Wherever light pulsates
Is better than any car,
Palaces, or mansions.


*by  » nation » it is meant that we are a universe of our own with its own laws for some areas.

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