Satin dream – K. B

Satin dream

In my dreams,
Sheets of satin,

A sweet hand
In my underpants.

The kind of faery
With magical hand,
White skinned and soft
Lying like in a piece
Of painting,
Naked, veiled,
And milky white

With all the fluttering
Of sophistication,
The ecstasy of kindness
On the face
Searching for love,

Sweetly moaning
With some kind
Of ethereal pleasure.

I met them before
In my dreams,

We took a habit
Of hanging out

I was back from
My flight
With a congregation
Of musicians
In fancy
Nearby the sea,

Some kind of
Jazz festival.

We slept on the plane
And woke up to the grey
Sky of my home country.

We forgot about the sun
And the loveliness of each

We had our bellies full
With berries and wine
And the waving of locals
At the airport

Then a fly woke me up.

I sat up smoking high….

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.

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