Spirit of truth – K.B

Spirit of truth



It scares people off
It scares girls off
Not seductive enough
Too true

Bang, bang !

Getting fat
To compensate,
It seemed so true,


Bang, bang !

Ain’t no privilege
In loving the truth,

Beside being the victim
Of oneself.

Ain’t no cumfort either,

Bang, bang !

Eating crude roots,
That’s the food
Of truth,

With a sour drink.

As long as you wanna
Believe it’s real,

I always fall into

And the endless
Torment keeps
On going.

Truth is cold,

The human inside
Wants to let go.

No one will tell you,
But you gotta hide
And cheat

Because on the surface ,
It has to be true,
Sterling reputated,

Or you get bannished,
Repudiated from the
Human community
Of « healthy workers ».

People believe what they
See and hear,

You can be the greatest
Asshole without it to be

Everyone gets to shake your
Hand !

Eyes and ears separated
From the soul by convention,

Truth is too sexy ,
People can’t relate
To it !

Let’s call it : global hypocrisy.

 » Lucidity is the closest wound to
The sun  » René Char.

Truth offers no enjoyment ,
I gotta get corrupted a little
Bit, play some game to be normal,

Otherwise there’s plenty of melancholy
And sadness to feed on,

Coz when a desire is not met,
( mechanic of  » truth »)
It starts rotting inside like
A corpse!

The wind,
Some breath
Is good.

I gotta get corrupted ( clap)
I gotta get corrupted ( clap)
I gotta get corrupted ( clap)

( final two claps).

There’s no fuel ( clap)
There’s no fuel ( clap)

Love used to be my fuel ( clap)
Coz you can’t lie with a real
Woman ( clap)

Now I suffer ( clap)

That’s why lovers love
To be on their nerves
And sometimes clash
To let out the human inside .

Is it good to be human? ( clap)
Is it good ? ( clap )

(Final clap)




All rights reserved. 2019.


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