I put my hands into your heart – K.B

To you…only you.


And if you ask : why was I such a ghost in your life, this, is my answer. 


I put my hands into your heart

I put my hands into your heart.
I brought you back to life.
I felt your pulse,
And you loved it.

And you loved me.

I put my hands into your heart,
You were aching.

I earned your love.
I made you.

You don’t belong to

You heart was still shining
And about to collapse
Into nothingness.

With God,
I put my hands into
Your heart.

It was strenuous
To make you stand

My queen.

Now you stand on
Your own,

That was the mystery
Of our love.

And that’s how it should

It wasn’t made
For those who
Don’t need it.

It’s a gift that
Flows in nature

Made to bring
Back to life.

You were lucky
I was wide awake.

A writer’s hand
Doesn’t only

It gives solace
And takes solace.

I made of you
The most beautiful

Because you
Couldn’t do it
For yourself

In such a state
Of dereliction

Which wasn’t
My case

As I was approaching
The cavern
Where you were lying,

I felt your pulse
And speak,

Help, help !

My mission is over
Our love has no
Reason to be
Because the
Servant doesn’t
Ask for his due.

He might receive
From other hands.

That was my love
For you,

Make you shine,

Bring the best in you,

Reach Eden in
My company.

And you will
Always be
A part of me
Because of that,

Like my poems.

I put my hands
Into your heart
And injected
Back harmony,

Look where you
Are now !






All rights reserved. 2019.



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