Well intentioned wrong doers – K.B

Poorly imagined poem, but yet, a poem…



Well intentioned wrong doers


Hey baby !
This is for you !
We’ll cut your
By any means,
Even with candy !

Hey baby!
This is for you !
Even from God
We ask that he may

Here I am,
With bad
Food I haven’t
Wished for.

By any means
Get to him !
Yeah !
We’re the djinns
And we’re set
To kill him
By any means!

Yeah this is MYSTIC
Hold on your horses
Or we’ll kill you !

Kill , kill,
Kill him !

We need to divide

Cut !

Love ,
Cut !


O Lord,
If they put
The sun in my right
Hand and the moon
In the left,

I won’t stop !




All rights reserved. 2019.


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