The gathering – K.B

The gathering



In the oriental desert,
There’s a gathering.

People are happy,
Kids dance.

Liquor flows
And music sounds
Softly ,

The passion
Of a hundred men
And women

Brought together
By the cosmos !

Alas the heart
Grows fainter
At their sight.

My dream
Of love came

And they whirl
Around themselves

And the whole gathering
Is whirling in drunkenness,

Even the moon whirls
Around the earth.

But alas,

The heart
Grows faint at their

The moral force
Is leaving,

Sold to the devil
At a cheap price

To get a ticket
Back home,

Home where I faint
From emotion.

They took me on
A wheel chair,

I came back





All rights reserved. 2019



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