Rolling tongues of fire – K.B

Rolling tongues of fire


Kiss me , kiss me

Your lips are fresh
Like frost.

That’s because you
Died away

A long time ago.

Kiss me , kiss me
Snow queen.

You left me wandering
In the wild

And now I’m dark eyed,
Waiting for dusk
To be hollow eyed
In the presence
Of the skies.

Kiss me , kiss me,
Gentle flower.
Elon Musk
Is no perfume
On his far planet

Kiss me , kiss me,
Hug me teddy bear,
Somehow you left
A trace when you
Presented it to me.

Kiss me , kiss me !


Mystery of love

It seems like I’ve known
You for ages,
Now I am the prisoner
Of myself.

I’m prisoner of this tram,
I am the prisoner of my
I am the prisoner
Of this hot weather.

You see, nothing makes
Sense when you’re not around.

Sometimes I wish we could
Cross path luckily
But time has done
It’s work ;

I’m filling
The chasm
With mouthfuls
Of good deeds
To regain your

And here goes the bell,
The one that shuts
The doors.

It seems
The only freedom
I’ve ever had was to love you.

A trace of perfume
On my hands,
The neck is gently
Rocking with
Grace ;
On the ears
And eyes
full of tears.

A trace of perfume
On my hands,

How beautiful
Your body is.

I dance to the
Sound of your
And tremble
On the wuthering

Where they seemed
To have forgotten
About Love
In the fury of work.

The garden of golden
Apples is still open,

Bloody mythology !

( smile)

Walking away from the

Troy’s horse is inside.

Soon, the men
Will go out
To cut some

The women will

At the end
Of the day,

The banner will
Be rise





All rights reserved. 2019.


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