Psychiatric horrors – K.B

What was I doing there anyways, kept asking the nurses. I guess, being raised by two assholes….



Psychatric horrors


Zombies walking
Through the corridor,
Pale and over medicated
To remain under control.

Jose slept in a cell
For bad dehavior,

Lauren is going
To activities
Behind the
Closed door
That makes
A prison buzz
Sound when it

Pale faces
People lying
On the ground
Some are crying
Most are mad,

Pale faces,
Defeated looks,
An atmosphere
Of fear and black

Sex in the bathroom,
Talks over mutilation,
Bruises are still lying
On the once sweet face.

Block B talking to Block A
Through the doors’ window.

People singing in the night
Or howling to death
Or screaming or stealing
Or looking for a cigarette
Or masturbating for the
Luckiest in the dark.

Black watchmen formed
To security more than
Health care.

Tears, a lot of them,
Hooded schizophrenics
Walking in the hallway
Talking about torture,
Exploding the world
Or sending a bomb

Psychiatric horror,
How to keep sanity
In all that ?

Neo nazis at night
Forgotten girl
By her parents
After she was raped,
Gifted young men
Too strange for their

What the hell
Is going on ?

And sleeping
Pills reserves
Brought to

Low spirits,
Fainty walks
In the park,
Who deserves
That when life
Was blooming ?

This is another sort of

Cold people and atmosphere,
Severe looks and lack of joy,
Maniaco- depressive
Symptoms all around.

But the psychiatry is horror,
Don’t pull away from the ward,
You might meet an escapee
In the woods with a long
And sharp knife.

Judges, attorneys, court

All in all , I got really angry,
But first I was enigmatically

Then the doctors
Enter your life
And start spreading
The poison,

Injected mentally
And physically.

Luckily, I met
The woman of
My life.

And it was real

Kept me going
Through the whole

And after too,

Then it all collapsed.

Psychiatric horror
Was a lot of things
To which my presence
Wasn’t necessary,

Only to witness,
And deliver some
Real poetry.






All rights reserved. 2019.

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