The Academy – K.B

What does a degree mean? My gardner with no degree knows more about life than me, earns more money and is much happier… if you’re a professor and you’re manoeuvring intrigues for a position, go f*** yourself, you have no respect for knowledge, only a mean for your ambition…yeah ! 


The Academy




What did you teach,
Besides killing the spirit ?

What did you say to us ?
That we might fail
In your rotten system?
That we might not
Be happy?

The Academy,
Little horizon
With dark clouds.

Always sad in class,
Aspiring for
A good meal
Or just fun.

Already serious
And dead at 20,

Follow the trail
That leads
To jobs
And the little
The narrow
The narrow
And the little

The Academy.

What do you teach
Besides governmental
Crap with no creativity ?

What is your message
Besides  » Survive
And be productive « ?

Don’t get me wrong,
I contribute
To the daily lives of people,
Not for GNP or GDP though.

Life is simpler that way
The academy killed my
Joy, put a seal on
My heart ,killed
My envies and my

I don’t thank
The academy,
Nor judges,
( of what?)
Nor dogma,
Nor Unis,
Nor the fake
Tenants of science
Asleep on velvet
Chairs and expensive

Forever asleep
In this global
Mess of idiotic
And unspeakably
Terrible ethics.

Keep the world
Going that way,

I have to heal
(From you as well)



All rights reserved. 2019.

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