A prophet in his house – K.B

A prophet in his house


At the end of the road,
The human embodiment
Of faith
Kind and soft
Powerful and bright
Seek a word,
He’ll give you
A hundred
Healing all

At the end of Paradise,
You’ll find him,
The most splendid
House and the most
Beautiful wives.

O , his life on earth
Was chaotic
But he’s at peace

At the end of the road,
You’ll share a cup
Of tea.

His bright face
Illumines the night
He’s no angel,
No terrifying god,
No daemon,

Just a man
with universal
For all woes
And sorrows,

A light at the
End of the road.

He fills your heart
With love,
He touches
Your hand
With tenderness,
He offers you
The best and
Heathiest food.

At the end of the road,
In that little house,
He’s standing,
Waving at me.

A prophet at the end
Of the road is good
Although I can’t see

Millenias from here,
They’re all waving
To accompany us
They, who more than
God, dedicated their
Imperfect lives to our

Thank you Adam,
Above all.

This no delirium,
This my human
Truth connected
To theirs,

So many good
Books I’ve read
About them,

Keep waving,
Keep waving,

My prophet
At the end of
The road.

Kind and soft….





All rights reserved. 2019.


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