Dominant male – K.B

Dominant male



He has to dip
His dick in every

He’s always there
In every room

Stuff to shine

On who fucks
And who doesn’t

Keeping youth
At bay because
They have energy
To make it jump

Talking about
The fuses

Giving them
All sorts
Of drugs
To keep

And he suffers
From the mental

But he never
Loses control
He gets smarter

Except when there’s
Love in the air

It’s much stronger
Only those in love

And he isn’t

He’s a computer
He’s rational
He likes money
And enjoys himself
With as many women
As possible

If not in reality
In a fantasy

He’s the state deputy
He’s my father
He’s a castrator

Too many interests
At stake,

You gotta

Can’t let younglings
Mess with the absurdity

On which it all lies

He wears expensive suits
But he’s a hunting wolf !

Youth gets lost in
His whirling

Maybe we’ll see the truth
For ourselves
And shake this damn
World !

Off with the shackles !

Money will then surely

As well as an iphone
And hopefully his balls
Too !

Ha !





All rights reserved. 2019.

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