Of why the world is going wrong – K.B

Of why the world is going wrong.



Palestine, you’re part of the oppressed.
Freedom of Speech, you are under

Boys in the hood,
You’re prisoners
Of a system.

Boys in fancy
You are as well.

Mother without
Hunger has starved

Farmer with no
War burnt your fields.

Child with no parents,
They are held hostage
By gorillas in guerillas.

You forgot
That the earth
Was made
As a space
for prayer :
The sky
Belongs to
Your voice
Is not heard,
They put laws
And hurdles
Where you
Could’ve slept.

We’re creating
Perfect cities
For the rich.

Police is
A waking
Ain’t no thief
Where there’s
Nothing to steal.

Ain’t no joy
In this cold
Where slaves
Are sleeping
To be more
For a system
That ensures
Only their
As a work
Not as humans
In their dignity.

Tell me woman,
How long can
You talk on the
Phone with your
Family abroad
Before credit
When there’s no
Internet there ?

How long have you
Been waiting
To go back home
In this loneliness
And cheap rooms
You’re renting ?

Tell me, brother,
Will you end
Your suffering
Before you kill
Someone ?

And you,
Muslim friend,
Or any minority,
How long
Will it take you
To find a job
When you’ve been
Rejected so many times ?

Will the micro wave
Still to heat some
Milk for your baby
When it’s been shut
Because you couldn’t
Pay the bills ?

And joy,
Joy in all this
Is almost obscene.

Which we can’t see
Is not media covered,
When will the sects
At the head of states
Cease injustice ?

You’re sleeping
With a closed
Door coz they
Might steal
Your child
Or your money,

Wether you
Be rich or poor.

I need a white

I need to embrace

But I’m just illumined
At the edge of myself,

At the beginning
Of this new night,

Ain’t no place
For conscience
In this well
« Ordained life »

Only complacency,

And a silent God.



I’m leaving the
Hellish matrix,

But not before
I deliver my message !






All rights reserved. 2019.


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