Poor imagination makes poor art – K.B

Poor imagination makes poor



Poor imagination makes poor art,
Pour your heart and your mind.

Imagine, fantasize,
No matter the size,
You’ll get there :

Elephants with garlands
Of flowers,
Buried Nazis in Latin America,
Happy children running
In the streets,

Playful dogs
Waiting for food,

The jungle’s canopy
Full of balancing apes
And pure air !

Pour your heart and
Your mind,

Poor art is a poorly
Social drama
Suicide blackmailing,

A Desperation
Moving what’s
Deep in the soul,

Distress that lowers
Our arms
In search for easeful
Floating on a river
Until it hits a fall ;

Long hours of agony
On a bed ,

Waiting for vitality
To rise again !

Like skillfull
Cello players
With a ragged
Grin !

Pour your heart
And your mind,

Poor imagination
Makes a poor heart.

I hear the talks
Of employees,

The little horizon
They were given
And my heart

I’m expanding
In the universe
Like a cosmic
Far galaxies
For my own

The water
At the fountain
To forge
My poems,

Send sparkles
Through your
When you
Join me at night,

the desert
Sand still
Hanging in your

I sink my nose
Into your hair
And I feel your
Little heart beating
Against mine
In your rosy chest,

Bounty treasure
Bound to be found
For a dance in your
Arms, elusive lover
Sent under a good

To enter the land
Of love where we landed
In our vessel.

I was carrying
You at our first steps
And you couldn’t believe
Your eyes ! ,

Nor could I…..hold my tears.





All rights reserved. 2019.

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