Darkness- K.B

Darkness ( I wanna shout out my hate)



Bang bang,
Nothing was
Given to me.

They talk
About mercy
And compassion,

Ain’t seen nothing
Of that.

Everything I took
And gave to myself.

When the money ends,
Nobody’s your friend.

All my entourage is poor
I dare not ask.

If not controlled,
Or selfish.

Ain’t no mercy,
Ain’t no compassion.

Gotta turn myself
Into a killer
To get food
And satisfy
My envies.

Thought myself
As an artist,
But this time
I’m out to kill
To get what I need.

Moralism is all that
Blocks me,
I’m a fucking

I ain’t begging,
Won’t pull my
Empty hand

I was made to

Fuck the Lord,
That doesn’t exist.

And the police
And the state
And any authority.

I am the hunger
Killer I wrote

My mythology
Is made of crime
And dark figures,

I ‘m marching

Sorry if I misled,
Gonna buy a gun
And change my life,

I Don’t want of their
Jobs nor do I want
To live on charity

I am the hunger killer
And there’s a big area
I haven’t explored yet.

Ain’t nothing dignified
Ain’t nothing sacred

Let’s get a taste of something
New and different

As vast as my deception
And my disappointment.

Go fuck yourself,

I got no
Of remaining
A good man.

But smart,

Wa la ilah only assholes.





All rights reserved. 2019.

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