He who laid his holy hands on me – K.B

He who laid his holy hands on me


He lays a reassuring hand
On me all day
Nurturing the inspiration
He knows lovers
Are right

In their truth
They defy conventions

They send
Of white light
Of kindness
In the hearts
Of those around

Their enthralled
Looks are a mirror
Of paradise

And no matter
What the haters

He gives to whomever
He wishes

He guides
He lays his

He laid them
On me today
Giving courage
To my soul today

His wind cleared
My mind

And vice
Was swept
A handful
Of bright

I’m grateful
To thee

In all your might
You appeared to
Me as a friend

Your silent
In my heart
Comforted me
And we communed
Like never before
After a long absence

Therefore I pray you
There is no God
But you
The one that made
Of Muhammad his

In this lonely
I’m leaning
On you,

I know
You won’t
Let me down,

For you never
Hated me !

Nor did you
Give up
Or abandon

Let the veils
Of night
Be my sheet
As you’re
On the cosmic
Earth !

Are my strength,
By any weather,
A long time ago,
I made you
A promise
And since then
You got my back,

You gave me a brave

On open father

A devoted brother

A revenue

Solid friends
On your path,

How can I
Thank you ?

My heart is flowing
Towards you !


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