A pair of sneakers – K.B

A pair of sneakers


The little boy is sitting
In class.

He has new sneakers
But he didn’t choose them.

He says to himself
« They must be beautiful
Coz mom chose them »

But even at that young
Age he isn’t convinced.

He likes singing class
But the ink in his pen
Turned darker.

He doesn’t like
The color and
Apolpgizes to
The teacher.

That year he remembers

There was a leap
In his intellect,

In his self affirmation.

His heart was opening
Up to love,

The first hormones
Were rising.

After singing class,
He sings on
The way to
The recess

That year,
He saw
His first
And he was impressed.

Poetry was coming
To him in bribes.

He was beginning to
Forge his own idea
Of beauty.

He got used
To the sneakers
And coped with

In that little

He knew




All rights reserved. 2019.

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