No life without religion – K.B

No life without religion

Solitary as we are,
We worship
Our loneliness.

The void swallows

We’re hanging
On the edge of

To fly
To the ground

But the ground
Is soft and rebounds,

It pushes you
To the sky
And that’s
How my life
Is : a big trampoline

Deep into
The oceans,
I kick to the surface
To gulp at the surface
And dive back.

I have a marine
House with
Marinated fish
Hanging outside,

I dance with creatures
Of the abyss.

The access to the sky
Is blocked
By guardians
Of fire,

My soul at sleep
Would love
To pierce the sky
And travel
At lightsspeed
Towards the living

My marine house,
I had to sell it,
Some rich
Property men
Came to rescue,

They came
To destroy
A man’s life.

I kick,
To the surface !





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