God – K.B

With love ….





He presented himself
At my door with

I followed him
On a journey,

It took all my courage
At once.

I came back
Tired and exhausted
As we long to get closer
To him.

Is only the beginning
As light from Al Cione
Is spreading.

More and more people
Will see truth
And my chest will heave
With hope at their sight
And I will sigh endlessly
In their lap

And the allies
Will throw white flags
Of peace on the ruins
We have become,

Robotronic and enjoying
Pigs ;

Showers of gold too
Fresh and tender
To soothe the pale
And songs to lift stones
And the spirit of the world !
All rights reserved. 2019.


N.B : by  » Christchurch is only the beginning » it is designating the exemplary national gatherings around muslims that followed.


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