Swallowed dreams – K.B

Swallowed dreams


I know,
The routine
Eats it all up.

What if life
Could be
Extraordinary ?

What if it could
Be visionary ?

What if I told
You a story ?

A princess
Was behind walls.

Her father was
The king.

She was young,
She had all
The luxuries
Of her rank
Given at birth
( but there was
No mirth).

She had everything
Except for company
And friends.

She had a vast garden.

She sneaks
Out of her room
To sit on a rock
Under the moonlight.

She sings to draw attention,
She always hopes
That someone
Will come and get
Her out of her ghetto.

A man walking near the
Palace heard her.

Too curious,
He climbed
The walls.

And the vision
Of her beauty
Cut his breath.

It was staggering.

By chance,
The man was
Of man of art,
A craftsman.

He would stop
By unnoticed.

The girl never
Met his eyes,

And yet,
She kept sitting
On the rock
Every night

Until one day,
The man jumped
Into the gardens
And decided
To woe her.

He had a cithar
On him that
He would play
To make the lesser
Of noise.

She was suprised
At first,
But soon,
His manners
Enchanted her.

At dawn,
She would return
To her room,

Before the guards
Came checking
Up on her.

She would be dreamy
All day long

For no reason

Until one day
Her father noticed

He was too busy
The rest of the time
To pay attention.

He decided to stay
With her a little longer
And inquire gently
As to her dreamy

That’s when he understood
That she was finally happy.

He never asked her
About the reasons.

The men kept on
Coming back
Night after night,
In all good
And honor.

When she was of age,
He presented himself
At the king’s court
And asked for her hand.

The king had witnessed
Over the years
The change in his daughter,

At that moment,
He understood

He didn’t have
The strength
To deny the man’s






All rights reserved. 2019.


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