You made out a reason for yourself – K.B

About the chasm between us



You made out a reason
For yourself


You certainly made out
A reason for yourself.

You found me countless

You hated me for a while.

You shut the doors
To your heart
Coz you couldn’t
Explain the absence
(I could, I had a lot
Of Absynth in store).

You forged night
After night an opinion,
A totem of my picture.

The floating lovers
Near the Throne
Were crying ,

The angels
Couldn’t guide
You either.

I’m certainly
The bad guy
But I’m not.

You reconnected
With everyone
But me.

The blame
Is too strong
Like black doors
Leading to Hell
And to your easy
Melancholic and dark

You fought me,
Yes you did.

You couldn’t believe
In your pride
That you could
Fall for a man ;
It happened.

Your red companion
Took you to your

God chose to save me :
I have loved you
Every second
In his hands,
I never turned
To that weird
Magic you
Were practising
And still do.

Now is the time
To make peace
With everyone,
Leave the dark
Closet of doctors.
But how can you ?

« O Muhammad, I guide
Whomever I wish , not those
You love  »




All rights reserved. 2019.


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