Part of the market : She wanted to buy my soul – K.B

Part of the market : she wanted to buy my soul.



She was trying to buy my soul,
In exchange she needs protection
And security for her desires
Until I cease to exist and become
Her slave.

Aren’t all women like that ?

Trying to get something
From you ?

Trying to catch you

Keep you near

And deny yourself ?

Aren’t they all trying
To get you to fornicate
And build a relationship
For the more bold
On physical eloping,
Material ease,
And constant
Of the futile
Kind ?

Last time,
She didn’t try so hard.
No she did.

To turn me away
From my Lord.

I had to resist,
I suffered,
No I’m ready.

There is no
Basis to anything

The wind turns
Easily ….

And they keep mistaking
My sweet intentions
For manoeuvres…
To get closer
While I’m only
Wishing good.




All rights reserved. 2019.


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